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Since we're virtual, you will have to use your imagination for the coffee aroma, I wish wafted through the door when you open it, that's after the tinkling bells chime.



Browse, drink coffee or whatever suits your fancy on these hot days. Read books, peruse my blog, and buy stuff.

I know thanksgiving hasn't come yet, but it's coming up and after that the biggest Shopping day of the year--which means Christmas is coming.

And shipping and all that. So I have done a little preliminary shopping for you, and am offering my suggestions here.

First, don't on't forget to sign up so you will see what fabulous products we have coming.




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Please read about the Orchids of Hawaii, and my experience there, and if you are interested I can get you a price, a

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Welcome to Jo's

This site offers books, mugs, conversation, and  a link to

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Come join the fun.

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