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Since we're virtual, you will have to use your imagination for the coffee aroma, I wish wafted through the door when you open it, that's after the tinkling bells chime.



Browse, drink coffee or whatever suits your fancy on these hot days. Read books, peruse my blog, and buy stuff.

Dutch Bros--really my favorite drive-through coffee kiosk, made me offer the following Insulated Coffee Mug--they are selling their's for $23.95.


I decided to find my own.



Here it is, it's a beautiful rose gold mug, holds 14 oz. and is so pretty I ordered one for myself.

The Sunwell mug can hold hot or cold drinks, is stainless steel, and so will last a lifetime. It has a lid so my dog or cat can't drink out of it--I lose more water that way, and sometimes coffee. (The anima's like the fresh stuff.)

I'm picky and like to drink out of glass, but I'm giving this a try, as I can't drink my coffee before it gets cold, and I can't drink my water before it gets hot.


Sunwill cup hot cold.png
Sunwill rose gold dimentions.png
sunwill coffee mug cropped resized.png

I received my mug a couple of days ago. It works great, keeps ice alive for a couple of hours. Wow.

Scroll down to products. It sells for $22.95--
see, I beat
Dutch Bros.


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I've been videoing Oregon forest trails and adding commentary. See what I found on the second walk--wild Dogwoods. I was tickled to stumble upon them.

You can find me at:

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Jewells Happy Trails # 2,

Trail in hills above Marcola, Oregon

Jewell's Happy trails #3,

Mc Kenzie River Trail.

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Believe, Chirp, and Breath
are notebook/journals, compiled by me (jewell d) Only an introduction ond quotes scattered through lined pages.

You write the book, or use it for data you can't remember, but don't want to forget. A-hum, like passwords maybe.

Prettier than a spiral notebook, and more fun.
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