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Here we are, at Jo's Store, Books and Coffee. Have a cup of coffee, tea, vino, beer, champagne, oh heck, have a Margaretta while you are shopping for fun yet necessary stuff that will support your magnificence.


We have an assortment of books and products, it's disorganized, like we just moved in, which we did.


I'm searching for products, keep checking in.

It's an honor to serve you.

I'm so glad to see you here.
Thanks for your presence.


 And you know we have items for the trail since we also have the title Jewells Happy Trails. Come on in and sit a spell. Smell the coffee, read the books.


Since we're virtual, you will have to use your imagination on the coffee aroma, but then, I bet you have a lively imagination, for you love books, and they are a visual feast. So, prop your feet up.  Browse, drink coffee, read books, peruse my blog, and buy stuff.


Please join me on the blog page for the good, bad, and outrageous. This is a work in process, so expect change. Feel free to add a comment.

Thanks, see ya.

Both take you to the same site--this one.

To be notified of fresh content and freshly added items for sale, please enter your name and email address below.

Muchly appreciated.

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Here are a few of my favorite things. 

Please enter the store and browse.

Thanks for submitting!

For you folks who signed up, thank you. You are sweethearts.  I will keep adding new content and products as we go along.

I've been videoing Oregon forest trails and adding commentary. See what I found on the second walk--wild Dogwoods. I was tickled to stumble upon them.

You can find me at:

Click on image

White dogwood from the trail #2.png

Psst--have you noticed that flse eyelashes are popular now?  Don't know if they will be after the masks are off.


I randomly opened my Chirp notebook, and found this:


"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience."--Mark Twain

Heading 4

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