Coffee at $16.00 a Cup?

I purchased Port of Mokha coffee (the port where Mokhtar escaped Yemen by boat some years ago.) on Amazon—that was easy. I haven’t tasted it yet, so I cannot comment, but for a site such as this that wants the fragrance of fresh brewed coffee to waft through the store, I should list what is considered the best in the world.

Greg, my friendly reader, says he likes to order a little every year to help the Yemen cause, a war-torn country, and the plight of the farmers. This is not price gouging. The price is set to pay their farmers a living wage, and thus it supports the economy.

The owner of Blue Bottle coffee shop that sells the $16 cup of coffee, said when he sipped Mokhatar's coffee it was what poetry tasted like. But you don't need to travel San Francisco, or many other locations, to taste the coffee. Go to

Who would have thought that we would pay five bucks for a cup of Designer coffee? It used to be that we bought a endless cup of coffee in a restaurant for 10 cents. People jugged it down although it tasted like dishwater.

Growing up I never liked coffee, although my dad kept a pot hot all day, and he said Folgers was the best. Once I began working, however, I began drinking coffee to stave off hunger. We worked 8 a.m until 1:00 so by 11:00 or 12:00 I would would have chewed wallpaper off the walls. I resorted to coffee instead--with Coffee-Mate. I dumped in copious amounts of that power to mask the taste of coffee.

One day my boss, a dentist, dumped in a volcano-heap of Yellow Plaster of Paris (used for making models of teeth) in my cup with a sign, “Cream gone bad.”

It was hard to beat that guy with his jokes.

I tried once with a weather balloon he had bought. This balloon would blew up to be six feet in diameter. I partially blew it up so it filled the cupboard where he kept his jacket, so when he opened the door it would come popping out. Except it backfired on me. Unbeknown to me, he had come in early from his lunch hour and found what I had done. When it was time to work on a patient, he just began without his jacket. Once working he asked me to go to the cupboard and get the pen from his pocket. So there I was fighting that a floppy mass of rubber.

Of course, he had experienced it earlier.

Back to coffee, I can't talk about it without remembering how I began drinking it.

You can drink Port of Mokha coffee because you want to support a worthy cause. Or you can drink it because it just happens to be the best coffee in the world. This is what they say, however, what if I don't like it? Well, it's like reading a book, you buy it for $16.00 and then are disappointed with the ending. It's a gamble, but worth the try.

Mokhtar's story is worth the price.


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