Hello Beautiful


The eyes are an extension of the brain, reaching out to the world, seeing, taking in the beauty, then giving it to the brain to process—no wonder some call the eyes the windows of the soul.

This booklet is for the layperson, written by a layperson who has had personal experience with the Bates Method of Vision Training.

Take everything you read with a grain of salt, but consider that the eyes, like other parts of the body, can heal. Consider that simple exercises can strengthen the eyes and teach the brain to perceive outside ordinary understanding.

Half-way through my Bates training, I was looking at a complex picture, a scene in a magazine. I knew that picture was two-dimensional. It had to be; it was printed on a page. Yet as I stared at the picture, I would have sworn I could see depth. Was this my brain filling in something that wasn’t there?

A testament to the training was that during my training, while sitting in a dimly-lighted restaurant, I was the only one of six people at the table who could read the menu.

Many vision training students' goal was to pass the DMV’s Driver’s License eye test without glasses.

I ended my training when I tested 20/20, although I can’t say what my vision was when we began the training. If we tested it, I don’t remember. Sorry, I can’t give you that figure, that was thirty years ago. I know the phone book print kept getting smaller and smaller. (Remember phone books?) When I ended my training, I could read that minuscule font those phone book printers like to use.

I believe that Vision training is not necessarily changing the eye’s physical structure, although, with exercises, it probably can. It is teaching the brain to see better. We learn to relax into seeing instead of straining to see. So, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists, I’m not entering your world, but into the world of senses, perception, education, and intention.

I didn’t know when I wrote a blog post called “Check Your Eyeballs,” followed by “Hello Beautiful, Check Your Eyeballs II,” that it would hit a hot spot, and people would want to know more. Thank you for sending me down this trail. I intend that is printing be a small book. Let’s see where it goes…

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