I Followed My Own Advice.

While the open road gets my juices flowing, so does Home Design.

​Since we aren't traveling much, we are home--working at home, watching movies at home, eating at home, having the kids squabble at home. Imagine putting the below whale mural on their wall. Wouldn’t that bring a smile to their faces and a calmness to their soul?

I love this. This was simply too cute to pass up. Think of the walls where you could place it, the dining room, your bedroom, the den, playroom, heck, you might want one in the garage.

Look for tips on altering your space without buying anything—or something inexpensive, like flowers. What do you see in all home design books? Flowers. I often buy an orchid for the blossoms last for months, they are beautiful, so elegant, and sometimes I can get one plant to bloom the following year: Viola’, free flowers.


Create open space in your home.

I haven’t had a couch against a wall since I was in college when I didn’t know any better. Having space around your couch will make your room more airy-—pull it out from the wall, put a bookshelf behind it, add a plant. Viola’.

Formal dining rooms seem to be going out of style. If you have one, how about changing it into a den or office, or a media room.

If you have big bulky furniture like a cabinet or an armoire, consider painting it a warm off-white color. this will help it disappear into the room.

Mirrors, ah yes, mirrors make a space seem larger, and if you place one opposite a window and you have double the light.

Carry on.

A beautiful space makes you feel better.


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