How to Have Everything You're Always Wanted

Here we will learn how to rewire our brains to have the life we want, where we want, with whom we want, and doing what we want.


One thing I know for sure…


Living life on one’s own terms is the ultimate success.


I believe, as Zig Zigler said, “You were born to win, but you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”


You may gag at the idea of having a positive conversation with yourself.


The idea of looking into a mirror and telling yourself you are great, incredible, and have confidence, might turn your stomach.


But listen to this:


“Somewhere deep inside, in a quiet, personal, and nonverbal place in our souls, we must believe that we’ve got something incredibly special and unique to offer.


Our conscious minds may differ, our inner editors may object, our inner children may throw up. But beyond all of the voices to the contrary, you must believe in this fundamental truth, you are unique.”—Don Hahn.


Book: BrainStorm, & producer of Disney’s The Lion King and Beauty and The Beast



Have you noticed that certain Success Principles appear in books such as The Magic of Believing, The Art of Attraction, The Secret, Awaken the Giant Within, Meet You At The Top, Think and Grow Rich, whew, and many others? All have a commonality.


They all believe in the power of the individual. They all believe in the power of thought.


They all believe that action as a part of the process.


They all believe in believing in yourself.


They all believe that invisible forces come to your aid once you begin.

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How to Have Everything You're Always Wanted

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