Uptown Haute Eyelashes


Strip Mink Fur Eyelash



Remove the eyelash starting from the edges of the eyelash fringe

Do a fitting of the eyelash first by measure the eyelash to your eyes, you may need to cut off a few hair from the edges if the eyelash is too long for your eyes

Apply eyelash glue to the entire eyelash rim

Apply the eyelash as close as possible to your lash line

Apply eyeliner after applying your eyelashes to conceal the lash roots



Our eyelash collection features Mink fur lashes and under eye lashes.

Our Mink fur eyelashes are really soft and light, and looks completely natural and feel natural.

They can be reused up to 6 times



100% authentic, sterilized, hypo allergenic, no added chemicals or dyes and cruelty-free Mink fur.

Uptown Haute Eyelashes

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